Lighting Edge is the partner of choice for architects, builders, landscapers, interior decorators and home owners in lighting design and supply.

Lighting Design

We are a Melbourne based company operating throughout Australia who provides input into light design by working closely with architects, interior decorators, builders, electricians and home owners.

Lighting Edge can cater to your needs by offering either a full lighting plan design service or assessing an existing lighting plan and providing recommendations.

We aim to provide an end product that meets both parties’ expectations, whilst always being cognisant of our customer’s budget and preferences.

At Lighting Edge, we take pride in our work and will always be on hand to assist during the installation process both on and off site.

On site design

By being available during the installation process, we are able to assist our customers by working collaboratively with the installers (both electricians & landscapers). We ensure that the installation process runs smoothly by providing wiring diagrams and installation advice, which is particularly essential when installing landscape/garden lighting.

In depth product and technical knowledge guarantee that our customers are left with an end product to be proud of at a cost-effective price point.

Custom Lights

Our custom light solutions range from the manufacture of wooden linear pendants to providing creative lighting solutions for statement art pieces including statues and custom made feature pendants.

We are fortunate to have relationships with a number of artists renowned for their commissioned work in producing garden screens, glass and metal pendants and many other pieces.

Sourcing and Supply

At Lighting Edge, we hold contracts with all major suppliers of luminaries in Australia. Our suppliers provide us with an additional level of technical and warranty support, which we consider essential to be accepted as a reputable sales/service provider within the Lighting Industry.

As part of our commitment to stay up to date with the latest developments and lighting designs, we are constantly searching the market and working out how we can improve on our products and services. This commitment makes us hard to beat on service and price.

Meet our team

Steven Reynolds

Executive Director

Elli Reynolds

Sales Consultant

Janine Oliver

Project Manager

Corne Olivier

Project Manager